Friday, October 28, 2011

Knight Costume

My son wanted to be a knight for Halloween - so instead of buying a plastic costume that would last one year I did some searching and found a cute idea for a handmade costume that turned out awesome. I bought a black t-shirt for a couple bucks at a craft store and cut out felt accents. I found a free pattern online for the helmet. This was the coolest part of the costume. We cut out the pattern in tag board and then covered it in duct tape for a metal look......pretty cool. Then I found some armor and a shield at a dollar store. Probably cost $10 including the long johns we bought to wear underneath (and now uses as PJ's).

Friday, October 21, 2011


Cabinet - Before
Cabinet  - After
Close Up Cabinet - After

This was an old antique hutch/cabinet that was once used as toy storage in our basement when I was growing up. After my mom moved and had less room she put it in her garage and it has sat there for the past 10 years storing lawn chemicals, fertilizer, oil filters, and misc. tools....So I talked her into giving it to me and she agreed as long as I found her new storage for her misc. items. I really didn't want to have to paint it. I originally wanted to just clean it up and fix what I could, it was such a cool piece.....but after 10 years of door dings on the right side door from my younger sisters, stains, and other damage - I had to paint it.


Antique Vanity and Cart Before

Vanity After

Three End Tables - before

End Table - After

Close Up of End Table - After

Rolling Cart - After
I found these 5 items at a local garage sale that I thought would be "fun" projects. I paid $15 for the antique vanity, $10 for the rolling cart, and $5 (each) for the three end tables.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Blog Under Construction

**Please excuse the mess, I am new to the blog world - I hope to have something posted soon. Thanks.**